What We Pay

Looking to Get the Most Cash for Your Gold?

Gold Pal Canada is the only cash for gold business that truly offers the most cash for your gold. We calculate your payment based on several factors including the weight, purity and market value of your gold at the particular time of assessment. Below is our current price chart, which fluctuates daily based on the market value of gold. All cash payments are calculated in grams.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers far more than our competitors. We are honest, fair and unlike a lot of other cash for gold businesses, We don’t just lure you with our high prices, we deliver on our promises.

We have provided you with our price for gold for the day, but we recommend checking this page often for our most current prices.

Gold Prices
Gold Weight Price / Gram
10 Karat $13.44
14 Karat $19.37
18 Karat $26.04
22 Karat $32.74
24 Karat $37.20
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Silver Prices
Purity Price / Gram
.500 $0.23
.800 $0.37
.925 / Sterling $0.44
.999 Pure $0.57
Platinum Prices
Purity Price / Gram
850 Platinum $26.00
950 Platinum $30.55
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