Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions contained herein including the Privacy Policy which is incorporated by reference as if fully set forth herein (to be read in combination and referred to herein in their entirety as “The Agreement”) shall be binding on each and every customer of GoldPalCanada.com and shall inure in the benefit of Canada Gold Buyers Co. d/b/a GoldPalCanada.com (“Company”) and Company’s successors and assigns AND (2) SUPERSEDE AND REPLACE ANY INCONSISTENT STATEMENT IN ANY OF OUR MATERIALS, ADVERTISEMENTS OR WEBSITES.

Requirements For Use

A customer is required to be at least eighteen (18) years of age to complete any kind of transaction with GoldPalCanada.com. Also, every customer of GoldPalCanada.com must be the actual legal owner of any and all items sold or attempting to be sold to GoldPalCanada.com and every customer must act on his or her own behalf and not be an agent or representative of some other person. GoldPalCanada.com may ask for documents or other forms of proof in line with these requirements. By sending your precious metal items to GoldPalCanada.com you vow to have full rights over your items, full authority to sell and transfer said items; and that said items are sold free of all liens, encumbrances, liabilities, and adverse claims of any kind whatsoever. You also warrant to GoldPalCanada.com that any transaction proposed by you will not result in GoldPalCanada.com to be in violation of any anti-terrorism or anti-money laundering act.

Loss or Damage Guarantee

Neither GoldPalCanada.com nor any of its employees, officers, subsidiaries, affiliates or holding company shall be liable for damages of any kind exceeding $100.00 as explained below, including without limitation, special, direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, losses or charges arising in relation to dealing with GoldPalCanada.com, unless the customer buys additional insurance through Canada Post at their own expense and sends/emails us the receipt. We reimburse customers for up to $500 in insurance. Limitation of liability is binding to all individuals selling to GoldPalCanada.com, including but not limited to, customers, insurance companies, or any other party or entity alleging any right or claim in relation to a customer’s transaction with GoldPalCanada.com.

GoldPalCanada.com will not be liable for any claim brought on by a customer’s insurance company, and by surrendering your items to GoldPalCanada.com, you the customer specifically and unconditionally wave any claim on both your insurance company’s behalf and yours.

GoldPalCanada.com’s liability will be strictly limited to the LESSER of the following two amounts:

The market value attached to the total contents of the GOLD kit by GoldPalCanada.com, or the amount of one hundred ($100.00) dollars.

By submitting your items to GoldPalCanada.com, you the customer or prospective seller clearly acknowledge and agree that you will be offered the fair market wholesale value for your items and under no circumstances shall GoldPalCanada.com’s liability surpass one hundred ($100.00) dollars, unless additional insurance was purchased through Canada Post by customer for no more than five hundred ($500.00) dollars and a receipt was issued to us.

GoldPalCanada.com can not be liable to clients for any other dollar figure, except that witch has been set forth herein above.

By sending your materials to GoldPalCanada.com, you the customer absolutely accept this type of liability. If you feel that the material you are sending to us has a value greater then $100, we advise you to purchase additional insurance at your own expense from Canada Post and we will reimburse you for up to $500. GoldPalCanada.com reserves the right to return any package if it feels like it has been opened, damaged, or tampered with. The items will be returned to the customer via Canada Post services.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed when you do business with GoldPalCanada.com. As soon as we receive your SecureGold Kit, we will survey and appraise your items and issue a cheque to you within 24 hours. If for any reason you are unhappy with the payment you received, just return your cheque to us no later than twelve (12) days of the date on the cheque and we will return your items to you within 24 hours, no questions asked.

After twelve (12) days, your jewelry will be removed from our site for refinement. If you are not sure that your returned cheque will reach us in time, please contact us before the twelve (12) days have passed so that we can hold on to your items for you. Please note that a $15.00 shipping and handling charge will apply if you wish to have your items returned to you. For further assistance please feel free to contact us.

Binding Effect

These terms and conditions, including, without limitation, the limitations of liability, will be binding on you and all third parties, including, but not limited to, your successors, assigns, insurance carriers and any other individual or entity asserting any right or claim relating to your transaction with GoldPalCanada.com. In no event will GoldPalCanada.com be liable to any third party, including any insurance carrier. GoldPalCanada.com will not be liable for any subrogation claim brought by your insurance carrier, and, by sending any items to GoldPalCanada.com, you expressly and specifically waive any such subrogation claim on your behalf as well as on the behalf of your insurance carrier.

Phone or E-mail Offers

You may request GoldPalCanada.com to provide a telephone or e-mail quote for your items after they have arrived at our processing facility. These transactions may be recorded at GoldPalCanada.com’s discretion. Upon your acceptance, oral or written, of our offer, you will be legally bound by such transaction, payment will be issued by GoldPalCanada.com and you will not have the opportunity to return your cheque or receive your items back from GoldPalCanada.com.

Return Insurance Liability Limitation

Any item returned will be insured by GoldPalCanada.com, as determined by GoldPalCanada.com to have a value of $15.00 or more at the amount of two (2) times such value (regardless of whether and in what amount it was insured for when mailed by you). GoldPalCanada.com will not insure any item with a value of under $15.00. GoldPalCanada.com will also choose the return carrier, insurance and receipt verification method for each process. Other then this insurance obligation, GoldPalCanada.com will not have any liability whatsoever in relation to any items that are returned to you.

Choice of Law, Waiver, and Claims

To be granted a loss guaranty payment or other compensation from GoldPalCanada.com, you must first complete the claim form that is issued to you by GoldPalCanada.com. In order to be processed, the claim form must be completed and filled out accordingly, then signed and mailed to us in correspondence with the instructions that are provided on the claim form. You must surrender any supporting documents that you may have with the completed and signed claim form. Failing to properly complete, sign and/or mail the claim form WITH PROOF THAT YOU MAILED YOUR ITEMS TO GoldPalCanada.com will result in the dismissal of your claim. Failure to meet with these requirements will result in a waiver by you and thus a denial by GoldPalCanada.com to grant you your claim.

It takes about 30 days from the time the claim is sent to GoldPalCanada.com for us to review and process it.

In the event that any legal action is taken against GoldPalCanada.com, GoldPalCanada.com will require full reimbursement for any and all legal fees or costs incurred in defending itself.