Cash for Gold – How to Choose the Right Gold Buyer

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If you want to sell your gold jewelry online, or even at a pawn shop, you have to be careful which company you’re actually selling your gold to. Not all cash for gold businesses will pay you the same amount for your items. You shouldn’t just sell gold to any gold buyer that is promising cash in exchange for your precious metals.

The truth is, many fly-by-night companies have popped up recently and a lot more businesses are claiming to buy gold. This is mainly due to the rise of gold prices and the many people who have decided to cash in on the high payouts. When selling your jewelry to any business, you must first know if they can be trusted.

Just because someone is a precious metals buyer doesn’t mean they will pay you the industry standard for your items. Infact, most companies will pay you a small percentage of what your gold is actually worth. The following tips will better help you determine how to trust a gold buyer.

If you want to find a reputable gold buyer when getting cash for your gold jewelry, you must first do your research about the company.

– Do you have any information about the business?

– Have there been any complaints from people who sell gold jewelry to them?

– Do they specialize in buying gold and other precious metals or do they just have a cash for gold sign?

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Here is what you should look for.

– Legitimate testimonials from customers who have previously done business with the company.

– Accreditation from a trusted organization.

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

– Online reviews. What are people online saying about the gold buyer? Gold Pal Canada has never had a complaint to date!

By following these steps, you can easily spot which cash for gold businesses you can trust and which We Buy Gold guys to avoid.

Choosing your Gold Buyer

Once you think you’ve found a few cash for gold companies that have positive reviews, next you’ll want to find the gold buyer that better suits your needs. When getting cash for gold, here are some things to look for.

– Highest Offer – Price Match Guarantee
Will they really pay within the industry standard for your items?
If you’re thinking about selling gold to a pawn shop, you might want to reconsider. Because a pawn shop is a brick and mortar store, they have much more costs associated with buying gold and as a result can not pay you enough for your precious metals. When you get cash for gold from an online gold buyer like Gold Pal Canada, you can be sure you’re getting the most for your items.

– Fastest Payment
Most online gold buyers make you wait a long time before they send you a return pack and payment. offers you instant cash with our Interac e-Transfer and PayPal options. Combine that with how fast we mail you a SecureGold Kit and process your order and you can see why is the ideal place to sell gold online! We also offer direct deposit payment so you can get your cash for gold within 24 hours! Top dollar and fast payment!

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